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 Rafaela Kalderon , born on '84 in Bulgaria and immigrated with her family at age of 4 to Israel.

Her love for design found at the age of 9 when she took a 21 pattern parts of a teddy bear , and connected everything herself by hand.The teddy bear accompanies her in her studio in Hod Hasharon and indicates her starting point in the design world.


At the age of 14 she began experimenting with sewing machine.

To find out how the clothes were made she unstitched them into their figures back again and explored them inside out.


After her military service and traveling the world,she decided to study the field in depth and professionally, and widened her knowledge with variety of professional courses.

Nowadays,Rafaela designs bridal dresses and evening gowns,with a distinct elegant-romantic touch and motives with a blend of the old&new world.

Most of the designs and figures are draping,combined with leading techniques and including her own developed work and pattern work.

The dresses are crafted & hand sewn carefully and haute couture . The dresses are sewn only with the finest fabrics without any compromise .


"My work with the customer is aimed to her desires of her dream dress , we go through the creating  process together all the way,with emphasis and attention to the customer wishes ."

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